Joining Forces to Create National Bipartisan Advocacy 

American Continental Group -- Pugliese Associates

Forming strategic alliances with other government relations firms in Washington, D.C. is just one more way that Pugliese Associates ensures powerful representation for its clients both locally and nationally.   American Continental Group is a Washington-based government relations firm working with us to expand our efforts and bring our causes before the federal government.  We operate as separate businesses but coordinate our actions in promoting the needs of our clients.

David Urban of American Continental Group, has extensive experience at the state and federal government levels that he uses on behalf of the clients of both of our firms.  American Continental Group, along with Pugliese Associates, will be the prime liaisons in the successful cooperation between the members of the alliance which already share many common clients.
 American Continental Group

American Continental Group is a professional advocacy firm specializing in comprehensive government relations and public affairs services. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the American Continental Group assists clients in achieving their business objectives and policy goals. The firm bridges the divide between clients and government leaders-providing strategic counsel, skillful government relations, and effective public affairs representation before decision makers.

David J. Urban-Urban@acgrep.com
Managing Partner-American Continental Group

Contact American Continental Group at http://www.acgrep.com/