Legislative Lobbying / Monitoring

Lobbying is a professional method of helping legislators, legislative staff, Governors office staff and state agency staff understand the issues important to specific organizations and/or companies.  No two clients are alike, so the professional lobbyists at Pugliese Associates take the time to understand all of the factors that may impact the client.

  • Bring important issues to the right people at the right time and recommend appropriate action
  • Help our clients gain the support of legislators including the Governors Office
  • Advise clients on developing grass roots campaigns for greater impact
  • Coordinate and attend meetings between the client and state legislative and regulatory personnel.

The relationships we have cultivated with Pennsylvania decision makers have earned us respect and enable us to produce positive results on behalf of our client.

In addition, from a legislative regulatory monitoring prospective, Pugliese Associates maintains a current database of legislative initiatives that affect each individual client.  We are constantly meeting with the key decision makers to know what issues are being debated and what may occur in the future.  When an issue comes up that affects a client's business today or could impact its future, we will inform the client and recommend a course of action. 


Pugliese Associates is one of the leading Pennsylvania government affairs firms in the area of appropriations.  From work in obtaining community revitalization (CR) grants, to a state-related non-preferred line-item, to general fund line-items to capital budget projects - whether in public improvement or redevelopment assistance, Pugliese Associates has one of the more robust portfolios of appropriation clients in the Commonwealth.

Our firm understands all of the intricate details of the appropriation process.  This process is so very different than the legislative process and thus requires a full understanding of these differences and a substantive knowledge base in this field that makes Pugliese Associates unique among other firms.

Our approach is similar to our work in the firm's other service offerings.  We are proactive, credible, we do not over promise, we are realistic in our approach with our clients and with legislators and we strive to provide our clients with positive results.

 Information Technology Consulting/Procurement Consulting 

Information Technology (IT) applied to government services can create more efficient, effective and customer friendly services for citizens, businesses and organizations in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, discovering the opportunities for applying IT solutions to government operations is not an easy thing to do.  Likewise, firms looking to do business with the Commonwealth are normally not equipped to deal with the intricacies of the state procurement process.  Knowing and Having is all important to success:  

  • Knowing when and where opportunities arise
  • Knowing the influential people in government affairs
  • Knowing how to navigate the bureaucracy of state government procurement rules
  • Having relationships and partners with others with similar business interests
  • Having the knowledge of IT best practices and competitive strategies

Fortunately, the same strengths that Pugliese Associates brings to Legislative Lobbying, Appropriations, and Capital Budget work are also available to our Procurement clients in general and our IT clients in particular .  From tracking budgets and projects, advising clients on proposals, to opening the doors of agencies -- all aimed at helping our Procurement and IT clients succeed.  The net result is a better bottom line for our clients and better government services for Pennsylvania.

PAC Advice & Management 

Pugliese Associate helps clients develop and manage Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions that can be used in forwarding their specific legislative causes.  We can offer advice on administering a PAC or complete management of a client's PAC.