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Pugliese Associates, one of the state’s preeminent government relations firms, announced a strategic alliance with two leading Washington, D.C., government relations firms – Hill Solutions and American Continental Group Inc.

 “This combination of experience and expertise creates a heretofore unattainable level of capabilities for our clients,” said Rocco Pugliese, principal of Pugliese Associates. “We’re thrilled and very optimistic about joining forces with Hill Solutions and American Continental Group.”

 “This strategic alliance provides our clients with powerful bipartisan advocacy in both the state and federal capitals” Pugliese said. “It brings a scope and capability that none of us possessed individually.”

 Eric Weinberg of Hill Solutions and David Urban of American Continental Group, two principals involved in the strategic alliance, both have extensive experience at the state government and federal government levels that they can bring to bear on behalf of the clients of all three firms.

 They, along with Pugliese, will be the prime liaisons in the successful cooperation between the three firms, which will keep their separate identities and client bases.

 Weinberg has worked for major Democratic figures in Pennsylvania government while Urban is a former chief of staff to U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Phila. They and Pugliese all have proven track records in successfully working relationships across party lines.

 “Given the range of issues and the complexity of problems faced by our clients today 

This gives us some real bipartisan firepower,” Weinberg of Hill Solutions said of the strategic alliance. “We can bring a team with real horsepower to any fight.”

“This will enable us to bring cross pressures to bear for our clients and come up with solutions that are bi-partisan and multi-dimensional, resulting in successful government relations for all of our clients,” added Urban of the American Continental Group.

 Pugliese Associates and American Continental Group already have several clients in common, the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh which has hired the firms to respectively handle its state and federal government relations and Multimedia Games. The three firms expect similar arrangements to be struck.

 Pugliese Associates has a track record of more than two decades of consulting to its clients, which includes major corporations such as EDS, Oracle, Dean Foods and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, as well as several state trade associations and a number of prominent public entities, such as the University of Pittsburgh, Temple University Health Systems, the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), the state’s largest mass transit agency.

 The American Continental Group was founded in 1994 in Washington, D.C., and Urban joined it as a managing partner in 2002 after a five-year stint as chief of staff to veteran U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa. A native of Beaver County outside Pittsburgh, Urban is an attorney and a former artillery officer in the U.S. Army’s prestigious 101st Airborne Division. Urban’s clients include the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office which contracted out its national lobbying under the Rendell administration. He and his firm also represent Sun Oil Company, Temple University, Drexel University, Independence Blue Cross and the Delaware River Port Authority.

 Hill Solutions was founded in 1999 in the nation’s capital and has grown rapidly and in many directions. Some of the firm’s clients include The Disney Corporation, Sun Oil Company, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Lincoln Financial Distributors and LaSalle University. Weinberg, a native Philadelphian, is one of its founding partners. An intelligence officer in the Naval Reserves, Weinberg served for seven years as a senior policy analyst to State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo, D-Phila, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee and for two years on the executive staff of Auditor General Robert P. Casey Jr.

David J.
Managing Partner-American Continental Group

David Urban joined the American Continental Group as a Managing Director in 2002. The range of experiences and relationships developed throughout his service in the military, as an attorney in private practice, and as a chief of staff in the United States Senate provide the American Continental Group with a unique resource.

Immediately before joining the American Continental Group, Mr. Urban served for five years as the Chief of Staff for United States Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA). Acting as the Senator's senior advisor on legislative, political, media, and administrative matters in Pennsylvania and Washington, Mr. Urban was Senator Specter's direct representative to the Senator's Pennsylvania constituents as well as other members of Congress, senior executive branch officials, ambassadors and other official of foreign governments. Mr. Urban represented Senator Specter as a part of the Senate Republican leadership and oversaw the Senator's interests before the Judiciary, Appropriations, Veterans' Affairs, Environment, and Public Works Committees.

From 1994 through 1997, Mr. Urban was an attorney in private practice focusing on litigation and transactional matters. Mr. Urban's experiences in the law range from complex director and officer corporate liability matters to multi-million dollar revenue bond financings for industrial developments. An active member of the Pennsylvania Bar, Mr. Urban is admitted to practice before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

From 1986 through 1991, Mr. Urban served as an artillery officer in the United States Army's 101st Airborne Division headquartered at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Illustrative of his distinguished record of consistently high performance during his time in uniform, Mr. Urban was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious achievement while engaged in combat operations against Iraq during Operation Desert Strom.

Mr. Urban earned a Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy at West Point, a Master of Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and a Juris Doctor from the Temple University School of Law. Mr. Urban currently serves on the faculty of the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University as an Adjunct Professor.

American Continental Group is a professional advocacy firm specializing in comprehensive government relations and public affairs services. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the American Continental Group assists clients in achieving their business objectives and policy goals. The firm bridges the divide between clients and government leaders-providing strategic counsel, skillful government relations, and effective public affairs representation before decision makers.

Major corporations, associations, and not-for-profit organizations face difficult legislative and regulatory challenges. First hand experience with the complexities of state and federal government decision processes makes the American Continental Group uniquely qualified to communicate client messages in a strong, clear voice that is heard by the right people at the right time.

The American Continental Group's team of advocates works on client assignments-as broad as helping an organization build elements of their global strategy and as narrow as providing advice on specific language for new legislation before the Congress. The professionals at the American Continental Group have established strong relationships with opinion leaders and decision makers across the entire political spectrum. From the Defense Department to the State Department, from the White House to Capitol Hill, and from state capitals to international organizations and media agencies around the globe, the American Continental Group knows how to communicate effectively with key decision makers and thought leaders.

The American Continental Group's services include:

  • Advocacy-the presentation and advancement of client issues before legislators and regulators;
  • Public Affairs and Strategic Communications-the planned use of media relations and public communications in support of government relations objectives;
  • Corporate Business Development-the facilitation of opportunities for corporate clients to sell products and services to the government, participate in new government initiatives, or navigate the processes necessary for taking advantage of existing government programs to create value for companies.

Eric J.
Partner-Hill Solutions, LLC

Eric Weinberg is a founding partner of Hill Solutions, LLC. With more than 15 years of senior executive service in government, the military, and politics, he brings extensive experience and strategic insight to each client engagement.

Mr. Weinberg co-founded Hill Solutions in 1999 after a successful career in state government. For seven years he served as a senior budget and policy analyst to the Pennsylvania Senate Appropriations Committee, and in 1997 was appointed to the executive staff of the Auditor General. In that role, Mr. Weinberg was responsible for improving operations within the Auditor General's office and for initiating the department's transition from compliance- to performance-based auditing.

An active member of his community, Mr. Weinberg has served as a Big Brother and was a long-standing board member of Big Brothers/Big Sisters. He is co-founder and chair of Young America PAC, an organization that seeks to increase young people's awareness about government and the electoral process. Mr. Weinberg has also served as campaign manager, director, and senior advisor to numerous political candidates in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Weinberg earned a bachelor of arts in political science from Temple University and a Master of Governmental Administration from the University of Pennsylvania Fels Center of Government, where he is now an adjunct professor. He is also an active select reservist and serves as a naval intelligence officer. Mr. Weinberg is currently pursuing his doctorate.

Hill Solutions, LLC is a unique professional services firm offering government relations and business consulting to for-profit and not-for-profit clients. Leaders turn to Hill Solutions to improve their organization's relationship with government, to be more effective in advocating for sound public policy, and to identify and capture new revenue-generating opportunities. With decades of experience in business, government, and elective politics, the professionals at Hill Solutions possess the expertise, the judgment, and the relationships needed to design and execute innovative business and political strategies.

Since inception in late 1999, Hill Solutions has grown rapidly and in new directions. Our client list includes an eclectic mix of corporations, professional service firms, early-stage technology companies, performing arts groups, colleges and universities, and public/private partnerships, among others. Individuals who engage our services are almost exclusively those in leadership positions-corporate presidents and vice-presidents, CEOs, directors and other executives-who are seeking to build stronger, more successful organizations. Despite the diversity among our clients and the constantly changing face of our work, the core business principles to which we adhere and that led to our success remain constant.

Hill Solutions services include:


The genius in lobbying is deciding where to go, whom to see, and when to make the proper presentation. Timing, preparation, and relationships are all critical to success. Herein lies Hill Solutions' strength.

The right to influence government-to expend one's energy and resources in an attempt to sway the pendulum-lies at the heart of our democratic republic. Advocacy is the active expression of that right and exists in many forms: political speech, public protest, and media, to name just a few. When executed properly, these are effective tools for influencing the attitudes and ideas that ultimately shape public debate. Similarly, the act of lobbying a legislative decision-maker is nothing more than the active expression of one's right to influence government, only with a more direct approach. Effective lobbying combines the desire to influence with the access to be heard and the ability to persuade.


Dealing with an ever-changing political landscape means cultivating government relationships based on thorough research and careful planning. Hill Solutions helps clients develop strategies for staying ahead of the curve-thereby turning potential challenges into opportunities.

While lobbying can be an effective tool for influencing government decision-makers, there are times when direct advocacy is less important than information gathering. Successful leaders understand that important policy issues must be addressed before they reach a critical stage-that is, before they reach the floor for a vote. An effective government relations program, which Hill Solutions defines as an ongoing effort to communicate effectively with government, meets that challenge.


Marketing to the public sector requires making a compelling case to the right decision-maker and supporting it with sound economic analyses and persistent follow-up. Hill Solutions helps firms navigate the often-turbulent waters of doing business with government.

At Hill Solutions, we can use the skills and knowledge we rely on to influence public policy to help our clients do business with government. Our knowledge of business and government processes and our extensive network of relationships enable us to work effectively with businesses to market their products and services to the public sector.

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