Pugliese Accomplishments

Pugliese Associates is one of the best Pennsylvania Lobbying Firms available.With nearly thirty five years in the business.  If  your specific issue or need is not listed below, please contact us.  We’re confident we have the experience you’re looking for, just lacking the amount of space to list it all…..

Pugliese Associates Assists Tesla Motors in Passing Groundbreaking Direct Consumer Sales and Service Legislation


We’re pleased that Pennsylvania’s General Assembly has voted decisively in favor of American innovation and consumer choice by passing legislation that makes it clear that Tesla may expand its retail stores and service centers within the state. We’d like to thank the Pennsylvania Automotive Association for working with us to get this legislation passed by a vote count of 197-2. We hope the process in Pennsylvania serves as an example for how productive cooperation can lead to a win for all parties involved, dealers and legislators included. We now look forward to the Governor signing the bill when it reaches his desk.                                                                                                                          Diarmuid O’Connell  VP  Corporate & Business Development


  • Pugliese facilitated Orthopaedic Spine Specialists’, a specialty hospital, inclusion in the 2013 Hospital Assessment language within the Public Welfare Code and further assisted their reimbursement of previously paid fees which they had been excluded. 

  • Amended the Physical Therapy Practice Act, on behalf of Manor Care, allowing for indirect supervision of a physical therapist assistant.  This permits the effective use of physical therapists and recognizes the full potential of their education/training at a time of health care personnel shortages and leveling of government funding.


  • Successfully expedited the licensing of  Orthopaedic & Spine Specialists, a specialty hospital, as they faced an unanticipated deadline with the passage of federal health care reform.


  • Successfully worked on behalf of Orthopaedic Spine Specialists to retain its pharmacy license which was to be terminated due to discrepancies that had occurred within the Department of State.  Pugliese Associates was able to work with the Corbett Administration and senior staff of the Department of State for OSS to receive its license.


  • Enacted legislation (physician legislation) on behalf of Temple University Health System to reduce liability for the health system.


Economic Development·        

  • Successfully led the passage of the City Reinvestment and Improvement Zone, which creates enabling legislation for struggling third class cities with a population of more than 30,000 to allow for much needed urban redevelopment. If fully implemented, this revenue neutral initiative could generate more than $1.5 billion in development and create countless jobs.  Pugliese was successful on behalf of both Lancaster and Bethlehem in their being awarded the coveted CRIZ award designations for 2013 by assisting with the application process and effectively advocating for their designations.


  • Assisted in the award of $1.275 million of grant dollars and was instrumental in generating more that $3 million in total assistance on behalf of our client AHOLD.


  • Secured passage of a new $100 million tax credit which will be used to raise much needed investment capital for early stage, high growth companies. As Innovate PA is implemented, the return to the Commonwealth in jobs created, companies assisted and tax revenues will more than pay for the cost of the credits.


  • Successfully advocated a unique and new application concept on behalf of our client, the Southwest Planning Commission, for a D2 funding award in the amount of $250,000.


  • Was instrumental in the successful passage of changes to the Neighborhood Improvement Zone by amending the State Fiscal Code to allow for key bonding and financing requirements. This engagement entailed working with senior staff of the Governor, the Secretaries of Revenue and DCED and the leadership in the Senate and House.


  • Successfully provided lobbying assistance on behalf of client, PRWT on the passage of the KOZ legislation.


  • Enacted legislation statutorily creating local development districts in Pennsylvania.


  • Advocated  on behalf of the Local Development Districts (LDDAP) and provided them with leadership capabilities in their respective regions of the State through the new economic development program called Partnership for Regional Economic Performance (PREP).



  • Halted fast-tracked legislation which negatively affected our client CPREA. The bill, pushed by a powerful constituency, now is entrenched in meaningful debate and fair compromise.


  • Ensured that the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s budget was constitutionally valid for the 2013-2014 fiscal year in order to properly and adequately fund and enforce it’s functions and directives. This was necessary in response to the Commonwealth Court’s having deemed the budget and fee assessment unconstitutional earlier in the year.

  • Successfully enacted legislation allowing for-profit credit counseling entities to operate in PA. The legislation also provided first-ever safeguards to consumers.


  • Defeated legislation on behalf of John Deere which would have circumvented the company’s contract with their exclusive dealers and allow those dealers to sell other types of farm machinery.



  • Successfully lobbied against onerous legislation against cyber charter schools and charter schools on behalf of K-12 and New Hope Charter School.


  • Led the creation of the EISC, (now known as OSTC) which through tax incentives to businesses, provides $50 million in Opportunity Scholarships to help approximately 10,000 students to utilize these scholarships to obtain a quality and safe education from the state’s worst performing schools.


  • Led the successful effort to increase the EITC total funding to $100 Million, increasing it by $25 Million, allowing more children and their families a choice in their education.


  • Enacted legislation allowing cyber charter schools to operate in Pennsylvania.



  • Obtained  language in recent legislation that greatly benefits both Landlords and Tenants by prohibiting local government units (townships & boroughs) from passing local taxing ordinances which would tax residential leases on a yearly basis to raise revenues to balance local general budgets.



  • Successfully advocated for the expansion of Lehigh Gas’ Compressed Natural Gas public fueling position within the Commonwealth through Act 13 Grant application submissions. They and their partners were awarded one of the largest awards in the first round of the applications and were subsequently awarded a second Act 13 award.


  • Achieved the reinstatement of $6 Million in Alternative Fuels funding in 2012/2013 budget.


  • Was instrumental in the statutory recognition of our client’s renewable fuel technology in the Biofuel Development and In-State Production Incentive Act.  Due to our efforts in successfully amending legislation, our client’s renewable fuel will now count towards the biofuel content mandates established by Act 78 of (2008).


  • Amended energy legislation with language that advanced into the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Tier 1 - the generation of electricity utilizing by-products from the paper pulping process.



  • Enacted the highest slots revenue for horsemen in the country through the Pennsylvania Gaming Act.


  • Assisted in passing new gaming legislation in the PA.


  • Assisted Sands in obtaining a Category 2 Casino license.


  • Aided in the opening of the State’s first resort license, the Valley Forge Casino and are currently working on the Casino’s access restriction issues.


Procurement Successes

  • Maximus - The Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Authority selected Maximus as the vendor to conduct the independent verification and validation services for the development of the Authority’s community shared services (CSS).


  • Boyer and Ritter - A new client as of late 2012, this Central Pennsylvania accounting firm has already won numerous, significant awards within the Commonwealth of PA.


  • ET&T - This provider of telecommunication, technology, and value-added products and services, through the help of Pugliese Associates, has re-established itself with the Commonwealth as a resource for small key and PBX as well as cabling work at numerous Agencies and Departments.

  • Cherry Road Technologies - $9 Million was secured for fiscal year 2013-2014 to continue their outstanding work with IT Systems Modernization for PA Treasury.


  • CH2M HILL - Pugliese Associates represented the Engineering firm CH2M HILL and  provided government relations and planning services and advice that led to the firm winning one of the biggest awards in the country, the Philadelphia International Airport’s $6.4 billion Capacity Enhancement Program.  In 2007, Pugliese Associates represented this nationally recognized engineering firm in the Philadelphia region. We were instrumental in securing a contract for CH2M Hill with the Philadelphia Port Authority.


  • MARC USA  - This national Pittsburgh based ad firm was positioned and counseled to become the exclusive ad agency for the highly successful Pennsylvania Lottery.  In fact, as a result of their ads, there has been a direct correlation in increased sales revenues to the Lottery.  This contract was re-bid in 2011/12 and again awarded to MARC.


  • IBM  -  As a result of 2 years of consulting and positioning, IBM was awarded a $110M contract to modernize the state’s Unemployment Compensation System.  This 6-year contract represents one of the largest IT Systems Integration contracts ever issued by the State. In addition, we are working with IBM on waste, fraud and abuse software to be utilized by several state agencies.


  • SAS Institute – Pugliese worked with the SAS Educational Value Added Assessment (EVAAS) team to win a sole source award for their product to be used in the Department of Education’s PVAAS program.


  • McKissack – A mid-size engineering firm with Construction Management expertise received successful advocacy in their efforts, having been awarded a $28 million dollar DGS contract along with winning of transportation contracts.


  • MS Consultants – Pugliese assisted this mid-size engineering firm to win several transportation projects.


Prior to 2010


  • MindteckThis midsize IT consulting firm was positioned and counseled through at least 15 large and medium size bids which were eventually awarded to them.  As a result, this firm now enjoys a constant flow of projects and revenues from the Commonwealth, a local county and the City of Philadelphia.


  • Office Max – Pugliese Associates worked with the Department of General Services to secure the strategic sourcing contract for the Commonwealth’s needs in everything from staples to copy paper.


  • Pennhurst MedicalPugliese Associates represented this client by assisting them in winning the strategic sourcing contract for health care staffing at the state hospitals.


  • Oracle – Our firm represented Oracle, a leader in the IT industry, in attaining an enterprise license for their Relational Database and Platform Products in Pennsylvania.  By connecting agency demand with a strategic approach, Oracle remains one of a few technology companies with enterprise licensing in Pennsylvania.


Appropriations Successes



  • Obtained for our client, Barber National Institute, for the second year in a row, an additional one million dollars in funding for their school for physically and intellectually challenged children.


  • Secured level funding despite proposed cuts for our client, LDD.


  • Secured $1.5 million in additional state dollars to leverage over $1.5 million in Federal dollars to the University of Pittsburgh and preserved level budget funding despite proposed cuts.


  • Successfully advocated for RACP funding in the amount of $500,000 on behalf of The Enterprise Center. The award was provided to their Center for Culinary Enterprises project which in part provides facilities and resources to support entrepreneurs in the fast-growing food and hospitality industry.




  • Led the creation of the EISC, (now known as OSTC) which through tax incentives to businesses, provides $50 million in Opportunity Scholarships to help approximately 10,000 students to utilize these scholarships to obtain a quality and safe education from the state’s worst performing schools.


  • Led the successful effort to increase the EITC total funding to $100 Million, increasing it by $25 Million, allowing more children and their families a choice in their education.


  • Advocated on behalf of The Enterprise Center in obtaining $500,000 through the first Developed in PA/Discovered in PA grant from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) for its new Culinary Enterprise Center.


  • Obtained a $1 Million line item appropriation for Barber National Institute, an approved private school.


  • Maintained flat funding for the University of Pittsburgh, following a significant proposed cut and prevented its NIH funding from being untouched.


  • Maintained flat funding for the Community College of Philadelphia, following a proposed cut in funding.


  • Maintained flat funding for the Local Development Districts, following a proposed cut in funding.


Appropriation Successes Prior to 2012

  • Successfully navigated hundreds of appropriation awards on behalf of our clients within a myriad of state venues of opportunity.  These awards ranged from community revitalization funding and RCAP funds to capital budget and general fund line items.


  • Obtained $4,250,000 from the four (4) caucuses and the Administration for additional funding to Temple University Health System in the 07-08, 09-10 fiscal years budget and over $7 million in RCAP funding in fiscal years 2010/11 and 2011/12.  Pugliese Associates was able to obtain tens of millions of dollars in community revitalization and RCAP funding for construction of new Health System buildings and renovations to existing structures over the years.


  • Engaged the Rendell Administration (partnering with other transit agencies) in utilizing federal flex money to assist the operating budgets of mass transit agencies in the Commonwealth. This was for our work on behalf of SEPTA.


Many Legislative Successes are dually considered Appropriation successes. For ease of review, we have distinguished Appropriation highlights as those exclusive to the budget.