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Government is challenged with the representation of diverse and conflicting causes and as public policy evolves, there are winners and losers. Lobbying, a respected and valued vehicle for needed information, analysis and opinion, is greatly relied upon by policy makers as it allows for informed and balanced decision making. Organizations that advantage lobbying services are those that emerge from an ever changing political climate as best positioned for success.

Due to their statewide reputation and credibility, Pugliese Associates was chosen to represent the Local Development District Association several years ago. Rocco and his team have the experience, knowledge and ability to deal with issues that affect our organization on a daily basis. We rely on them for guidance and recommendations that will help position the LDDs as leaders in the economic development delivery system.

Kevin Abrams, Executive Director, Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development Commission

Put plainly, it is those at the table who are part of creating solutions, rather than being relegated to responding to what’s already been determined.

I wanted you to know how pleased “we” have been with our partnership. Lou, Dan and Anthony and the rest of the team have done a very good job and have gotten up to speed on our issues very quickly. I look forward to great success in the coming legislative session.

Patrick Conway, PA Restaurant & Lodging Association, President & CEO

Monitoring services are offered to all of our Legislative and/or Regulatory Clients. A key component of government affairs, diligent monitoring allows our clients to be proactive in addressing issues that may affect their organizations. Monitoring takes place in many forms; via varied and diverse print mediums, committee meetings, statewide hearing or an intimate meeting with a member of leadership.




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