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I value Rocco and his team’s knowledge of the Commonwealth and its inner workings. There are oftentimes many perspectives when viewing issues and opportunities that Pugliese Associates helps us to evaluate before we move forward.

Gary Lurie, Client Director, IBM
Opportunities to partner with Pennsylvania in providing goods and services continue to grow as government leaders seek new and creative ways to create efficient, effective services for citizens, businesses and organizations. Unfortunately, discovering and facilitating the many opportunities that exist for providers is not an easy task, regardless of their internal dedicated resources. Pugliese Associates empowers their clients seeking procurement opportunities with the keys to success; knowledge and an abundance of experience.

Few understand the actual degree of complexity in navigating the waters of state government. One of those few is Rocco Pugliese.  With his team’s collective 150 years of experience, the guidance they have provided has proven to be a wise and invaluable investment  for MARC USA.

Steve Smith, VP / Group Account Director, MARC USA

Pugliese Associates provides their procurement clients with:

  • The knowledge of when and where opportunities arise;
  • Strong relationships with the most influential people in government affairs;
  • Tools and counsel on navigating the bureaucracy of state government procurement regulations and policies;
  • Budget and project tracking;
  • The benefit of relationships and partnerships with others with similar business interests;
  • The knowledge of best practices and competitive strategies.
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