Legislative Lobbying

Our lobbyists are skilled in the legislative process and generating support from state lawmakers on behalf of our clients. We represent our clients' needs and will tirelessly:

· lobby on clients' behalf;
· research and draft necessary legislation;
· introduce clients' issues to key legislative and governmental contacts;
· advise clients on developing grass roots campaigns that effectively advocate their issues;
· coordinate meetings with firm, client and state legislative/regulatory personnel.

A key component of lobbying is who you know, and Pugliese Associates makes a point of knowing the decision makers in the state. Whether your needs require legislative action, a decision by a state agency, or support from the Governor's Office, we will lobby those necessary to develop workable solutions. We have a broad network of relationships in Pennsylvania's state government, and we know how to bring important issues to the right people. We can assist you in developing a grass roots campaign program that allows you to maximize the use of Harrisburg-based representation, coupled with your local interaction with legislators regarding an issue.

Because no one company's lobbying needs are the same, we work closely with our clients to develop a complete lobbying strategy tailored to individual needs and issues.

Legislative/Regulatory Monitoring

What may not be a concern to you today may become one tomorrow. For this reason, Pugliese Associates maintains electronic tracking files for each of our client's particular areas of interests. Providing our clients with up-to-the-minute reports on legislative and regulatory issues and policies is a priority. And, because we meet daily with the state's various decision makers, we hear first about the issues that are being debated and discussed.

We are able to:
· identify relative legislation;
· follow legislation specific to clients' interests;
· monitor deliberations;
· track opposition.

Pugliese Associates makes sure that our clients have information and assure their concerns are being addressed before a crisis occurs. This pro-active approach guarantees their issues are always being represented.

PAC Management and Advisement

Pugliese Associates provides counsel regarding Political Action Committees (PACs). The number of political events that take place requiring PAC contributions can overwhelm those involved in the legislative process. We are able to effectively advise clients in utilizing their individual PAC. We also administer PAC Management for clients desiring such services.

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